Lost… Waiting and Watching

Lent Devotional – One Step Closer Every Day

Spend a few minutes every day, reading, meditating, writing and praying with God so that you can take one step closer to Jesus every day.

Sunday – Luke 15:11-32 –Re-read the story of the Prodigal son.  Focus this week on the Father.  Spend some time thinking about his journey, what was going through his mind and how he must have been feeling.

Monday Matthew 1:1-17 & Luke 3:21-37 –The genealogies in the Gospels are not places in the Bible we spend much time.  Why do you think both Matthew and Luke used precious space to include the description of Jesus family? Write a note to a relative from generations ago who made a difference in your family.

Tuesday Deuteronomy 6:1-9 –Read about how God designed the family to be the center of faith development.  How can you use your home to develop the faith of your family or those you love?   Write a note to your parents.

Wednesday Philippians 2:1-30Paul was like a surrogate father to Timothy. How can you help develop the faith of someone near you?  Who do you know who needs a parent figure?    Write a note to someone outside your immediate family who acted as a parent to you.

Thursday Deuteronomy 5:1-22 –What do you think verses 8-10 mean about blessings and curses being passed down through our generations.  What blessings and curses did you inherit? Write a note to family members of yours that are not yet born.

Friday Ephesians 2:1-22 –How do you feel when you read verse 19 and realize that you are a member of God’s own household?  This means that we are all family.  What would change if we truly saw everyone as family? Write a note to God, your ultimate Parent. 

Saturday Isaiah 1:1-31Why do you think that God puts so much emphasis on support for widows and orphans?  How can you play the role of surrogate family for someone in need?  Write a note to Rick and Jen Baltzersen – our missionaries in Cambodia helping rescue children from human trafficking (bring it to the church office and we can get it to them).

Family Focus Give up sweets and other snacks for a day.  How did it go?

Join us on Sundays at our Delhi Campus at 9:30am for our Traditional Service or at 11am for our Modern service or try our Price Hill Campus at 11am as we start our Lent Series: LOST.

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