Committing To The Future

A letter from Lead Pastor Dave Hood to those calling Shiloh their church home:

I want to begin with a simple word of thanks and appreciation for the ways in which you are a part of the miracles and mission of Shiloh UMC through your giving, serving, and faithful commitment.  October 22 is Commitment Sunday at Shiloh, a day when we are asking everyone who calls Shiloh your church home to prayerfully fill out a 2018 Commitment Card and consider how you might give financially to God through Shiloh in a way that makes God smile.  We know that our lives are not measured by what we are able to keep, but by what we are able to give, so we encourage you to consider prayerfully a new level of faithful giving.  Check out the “Giving” tab on our website for more helpful information.

On Sunday, October 1, I gave a message called Be Better Financially, in which I outlined a vision for Shiloh to “Be BETTER Financially,” by reaching 100% of our operational and general fund expenses paid for through the offering plate, freeing up more than $500,000 in “outside the plate” funds for miracles and mission in our community and all over the world. That message also included many important current financial realities for Shiloh, and charts that you may want to go back and review, including a potential $100,000 shortfall in 2018 if giving does not improve. I’d like to invite you to watch or re-watch that message found below before you fill out your commitment card.

These commitment cards are very important because they help our Finance Team plan for the ministry and mission God will do through Shiloh in 2018.  We want to be able to help you fill out your commitment card and have all your questions answered, so feel free to e-mail Bob, our Finance Chair, or Pastor Brent, our Executive Pastor, with questions.

I want to specifically reach out to some of our newer Shiloh families and those who have not yet found the blessing of faithful and sacrificial giving to God.  It took me years to discover that God was a God of abundance and that I cannot out-give God.  If you have questions or concerns about giving, I’d love to have the opportunity to sit with you one on one.  You are at Shiloh in this season for a reason, and no matter what your financial situation is, I promise: you have something to give to God in a way that makes God smile.  Start small and watch what God will do.  I want to challenge you to find what generations of faithful Shiloh people have discovered, “There are blessings available for those with ‘skin in the game’.”

Thank you in advance for your prayerful and faithful commitment,
Pastor Dave Hood
Shiloh UMC Lead Pastor

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