CORE – 5 Keys to Exponential Growth

One Step Closer Every Day

Spend a few minutes every day, reading, meditating and praying with God so that you can take one step closer to Jesus every day.

Sunday – John 16:5-16 – If the Holy Spirit is still speaking to God’s people, what are you doing to make sure that you recognize the Spirits voice for your life and ministry?

Monday – Deuteronomy 6:1-12 – From the beginning, it was the role of the family to teach and train the next generation in faith. How effective was your family of origin? What would you like to do differently?

Tuesday – Revelation 21:1-8 – God is in the business of changing things and “making all things new”. Why do you think God’s people resist change so much?

Wednesday – Job 32:6-22 – Wisdom does not necessarily come with age (v 9). What are you doing to continue to grow and learn about God and about yourself?

Thursday – Matthew 7:15-22 – “I never knew you”, is a harsh reminder that our faith is about relationships and not just religion and rules. How can you deepen your relationship with God and others this week?

Friday – Exodus 22:21-31 – Discipleship and Hospitality are closely linked in the Bible. Think of a time when you were shown hospitality and a way in which you could show someone else hospitality.

Saturday – 2 Corinthians 9:1-15 – Part of discipleship is recognizing where our resources come from and what they are for. What do you think it means to be a “cheerful giver”? Are you one?

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