1 Church, 2 Locations

Shiloh is 1 church with 2 campuses; one in Delhi and one in Price Hill.  We have one unified mission, vision and strategy, but we are intentional about reaching out to our communities in ways that make sense.  We have live music and preaching at both campuses, and we encourage people to switch campuses from time to time.

Email Us

Contact the staff with any specific questions or to share that you want to get involved!

Staff Email Addresses

If you have general questions, or you do not know who to contact, email us at shiloh@shilohumc.com. We’ll get back to you.

Call Us

You can also call the office at (513)451-3600.

Fax Us

You can also fax the office at (513)451-3616.

We offer 3 different worship experiences on Sunday mornings, and we offer excellent and safe Children’s and Student ministries at both campuses. So there is something for everyone. We are a diverse group of people from all walks of life with Jesus as our unifying center.

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