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We are not created to do life by ourself. Being part of a Life Group means having people to talk to, depend on, and explore God’s Word.  Joining a group is a great place to start when you are looking to get connected.

There’s something that happens in circles that doesn’t happen in rows.

If this is all new to you, a Life Group is small group of people (6 to 16 people) who get together regularly to live life and explore faith together.

If you’re thinking, what’s my next step after coming on Sunday morning, you’ve found it. We really do believe that taking the step to join a Life Group will make your life better.

So now your asking, how do I join a Life Group?  Check out what we are currently offering!

 Learn About Our Life Groups

If you’re interested in leading, co-leading, or hosting a Life Group this semester, email us at  Life Group Leaders, you can report your groups meeting information through the Shiloh Cincy App or this link:

 Life Group Leaders – Share Who Joined You

Author: Brent Dearnell