Moving Forward: Week 2

Weekly Devotional – One Step Closer Every Day

Spend a few minutes every day, reading, meditating, writing and praying with God so that you can take one step closer to Jesus every day.

Sunday – Read John 8:12-59 – Pay attention to the claims that Jesus makes about himself and the reaction of the people to those claims.  How do things change if Jesus is who he said he was?

Monday – Read John 1:1-18John’s Gospel was written to help answer questions about who Jesus was.  What is the truth about Jesus that John wants us to know?

Tuesday – Read Isaiah 7, 9 & 11 – The Old Testament is full of references and prophecies of the coming of Jesus.  How do these fulfilled prophecies help us trust Jesus’ promise that he is coming back?

Wednesday – Read Romans 10:1-21What does “Jesus is Lord” mean to you?  What do you need to do today to take one step toward making Jesus Lord in every aspect of your life?

Thursday – Read Isaiah 61:1-11 – In Luke 4 Jesus preaches his first sermon using this passage.  What does this passage in Isaiah tell us about what Jesus was all about? 

Friday – Read John 10:1-42Jesus talks a lot in this chapter about his relationship with God the Father.  What do you think Jesus was trying to tell his original audience.

Saturday – Read Isaiah 12:1-6The Hebrew word for “Salvation” is YESHUA which is translated to Jesus.  What does it mean to you that Jesus is your salvation?

Join us on Sundays at our Delhi Campus at 9:30am for our traditional service or at 11am for our modern service during our series on Moving Forward.

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