Answering The Call

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On Tuesday, June 6th, Pastor Brent was Ordained as a United Methodist Deacon in full connection at the 2017 Annual Conference.

The means Pastor Brent became Ordained to Word, Service, Compassion, and Justice.  This is an affirmation that he is called by God, approved by the church, and Ordained by a bishop to a lifetime of ministry.  Brent is now fully in the clergy covenant where he is called to share the Word, act and empower acts of Service, offering and organizing Compassion, and disrupting injustice by moving towards Justice.  The United Methodist Deacons are called to do all of this both in the community and in the congregation in a ministry that connects the two. Pastor Brent is called to exemplify Christian discipleship, create opportunities for others to enter into discipleship, and connect the needs and hurts of the people with the church.  Find out more about Deacons here.

Are you feeling a call into ministry?

Is God tugging on your heart?  Shiloh would love to help you along on this journey.  If you would like to take a next step:

  1. Visit our conference’s website.  This website helps name and define these many pathways: West Ohio Conference – Call to Ministry
  2. Talk to one of our pastors about your interest and let us help you take the next step on the journey.
Author: Brent Dearnell