Our Identity – Mission, Vision, & Values

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Shiloh Mission, Vision & Values

This past Tuesday at the May Leadership Board meeting Shiloh’s Leadership Board approved to officially adopt a Mission, Vision, and set of Core Values.  This document will become the guide through which decisions and direction for Shiloh United Methodist Church will be made.  Every year this document will be re-evaluated and edited by the Shiloh Leadership Board.


How We Got Here…

  • In October 2015, The Shiloh Leadership Board identified that many of the roadblocks, challenges and struggles we face as a church may stem from a lack of unified identity.
  • This began a series of conversations about how we as Shiloh United Methodist Church could overcome these challenges by working together.
  • In May of 2016, the Leadership Board approved a churchwide process called the Identity Discovery Process with the goal of developing a guiding identity document that would become the lens through which future decisions and direction would be made. In order to facilitate this process, we engaged the help of a Shiloh member who also happens to be a professional Marketing Specialist who does this kind of work for a living.
  • In July 2016 Shiloh launched a set of 3 Focus groups nominated by the Shiloh Leadership Board and the Lay Leadership Development Team. The format was designed and approved by the Shiloh Leadership Board. These focus groups were facilitated by a United Methodist Pastor from outside of Shiloh and became the basis for the churchwide survey that would follow.
  • On October 2016, the Identity Discovery Survey went live to the congregation with the goal of getting 150 responses or approximately 50% of our active attendance. The survey was designed by our Marketing Specialist and approved by the Shiloh Leadership Board. We had both paper and on-line versions.
  • In December 2016, we closed the survey after receiving 158 complete responses from both campuses and all three services. The results were given to the Leadership Board in full to pray over and evaluate. We also engaged the help of our Marketing Specialist to walk the Board through the results and answer questions. A summary of the results of the survey were handed out after each worship service at both campuses and a full version of the survey results are on file in the church office for anyone to see.
  • In February 2017, the Leadership Board commissioned a Sub-committee to structure a day-long retreat for our Leadership Board to develop a document that echo’s the voice of the Congregation through the survey, the vision of the Pastors, the heart of the Leaders, the direction of the Bible and the structure of the United Methodist Book of Discipline. This retreat happened on April 11, 2017.
  • We asked for your input, feedback and suggestions as we finalize this document. People took time to read over it, pray over it, and connect with the Leadership Board with questions and comments.
  • The Leadership Board finalized this document at the May 16th Leadership Board Meeting, and the Pastors will begin teaching on it during the Summer.
Author: Brent Dearnell