Shiloh Preschool Is Stepping Up

What is the one ministry of our church that reaches families five days per week?  Shiloh Preschool.  Though most of us never get a chance to see the preschool in motion, our staff are carrying out ministry every day.  Shiloh teachers share God’s Word with children each day by reading the same stories our children hear in Sunday school, putting motions to Bible memory verses, and by telling them that God loves them and takes care of them. In addition to reaching children, the preschool provides care ministry to families who may not otherwise interact with Shiloh Church.  Families receive a meal and a family book when they have a new baby.  Others receive assistance with tuition when hardship arises.  Still others receive reminders of our support when a loved one passes away.


Along with ministering to our families, Shiloh Preschool is a school that strives for excellence.  Over the past two years, we have begun the tiered process of putting in systems that align with Ohio’s voluntary Step Up to Quality process.  These include student social-emotional assessments and classroom and program self-assessments to help us determine how best to improve our systems to benefit children.  Just last month, our school was awarded the two-star status for which we had applied this year, and we are already working toward our next tier.  


If you would like to know more about our preschool, please visit our page on the Shiloh website, our Facebook page  , or contact Beth Carter with any questions you may have (513-451-6443).

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