Run The Race: Week 6

Weekly Devotional – One Step Closer Every Day

Spend a few minutes every day, reading, meditating, writing and praying with God so that you can take one step closer to Jesus every day.

Sunday – Hebrews 10:1-25 –Look at the five key ways God tells us to stay encouraged (vs. 22-25). Which one of these do you need to work on more or practice more consistently?

Monday – Joshua 1:1-18 – Pay attention to how God encourages Joshua. What do you think are the words of encouragement that God wants to speak over you today?

Tuesday – Acts 11:1-30 –Barnabas was known in the Bible as “the encourager.” What can you do to be more like Barnabas? Who is your Barnabas?

Wednesday – Isaiah 40:1-31 – This is how God encourages God’s own people in the Old Testament, even after they have been disobedient and gone their own way.

Thursday – Hebrews 3:1-19 –The Bible says that “sin hardens” but “encouragement protects.” In what areas of your life do you need encouragement to overcome sin?

Friday – 1 Samuel 18:1-30 – How important do you think Jonathan’s encouragement and friendship was to David when he was struggling with Saul? Who is your friend in a time of need?

Saturday – Isaiah 41:1-29 – What can you begin doing this week that will help you become an encourager to others? Who do you know who needs some encouragement?

Join us on Sundays at our Delhi Campus at 9:30am for our Traditional Service or at 11am for our Modern service during our series on  Matthew 25: Run Your Race.

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