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Disciples Make Disciples.001

The mission of Shiloh United Methodist Church is “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”.  The question is how??? This message is directly designed to challenge all of us to move from “Fan” to “Disciple”.



1 week – December 27, 2015




This Advent, discover the power in the very name of Jesus and the reason behind all the hype.  Join us during this Christmas season for a meaningful and memorable journey through the greatest gift ever given.

This series runs all 4 weeks of Advent plus our Christmas Eve services on:

December 21 – “A Service of Healing and Hope” at 7pm in the Delhi Sanctuary
December 24  – Traditional Worship at 6:30 in the Delhi Sanctuary
December 24 – Modern Worship at 8:30pm in the Dehli Gym
December 24 – Traditional Worship at 11pm in the Delhi Sanctuary


5 Weeks – November 29-December 24





Growing In by Going Out – Rev. Thomas Hargis

Matthew 25


1 Week – November 22 – Thanksgiving Weekend



The world has a plan for money, resources and wealth called economics, but Jesus taught us that God has a plan that is counter to the world’s plan.  We call God’s plan KINGDOMnomics.

This 4 week series focuses our attention on God’s economy and to help us earn, save and give in a way that makes God smile.



4 Weeks – October 25 – November 15.


titleJesus loved to tell stories to illustrate the powerful truth of the gospel message.  Join us as we retell some of Jesus’ stories and apply them to our lives today.

This 6 week series is designed to engage Jesus followers into the stories that Jesus told and the lessons that Jesus taught.



6 Weeks: September 13 – October 18.


boundariesresizedGalatians 6:2-5 tells us to “carry each other’s burdens” but also that we each need to “carry our own load”.  How can it be both ways?  What is that middle ground between being co-dependent and being closed off?  We call that middle space “Healthy Boundaries”.  This 2 week series is designed to help each Jesus follower find the place of health, life and Shalom God designed us for.


2 weeks: August 30 – September 06.


Serve_SlideJesus demonstrated what serving looked like when he washed the disciples feet and instructed them to serve others like he served them.  This 3 week series is designed to help you discover your unique God calling and recognize that following Jesus is not a spectator sport.



3 weeks: August 09 – August 23.



Unlikely Hero_Life_beta-04

King David’s life story is a story of God using an unlikely hero to change the world.  Spend the summer with us as we learn together lessons from David’s life, love and leadership.




9 weeks: June 07 – August 02.



At Shiloh, we ask every member to be able to answer three critical questions: When do I worship? With whom am I growing? How do I serve?

This message series will explore the three key areas of Discipleship and how you can take the next step. It’s your move.



3 weeks: May 17-May 31, 2015


We are all wounded and in need of rescue.  See God’s rescue plan for a wounded world.





1 week: May 10, 2015 (Mother’s Day)


LiveonPurpose_slideTired of just letting life happen to you?  Instead make life happen for you as we explore 4 areas that we can live more intentionally, FAITH, FAMILY, FOCUS and FUTURE.




4 weeks: April 12 – May 3, 2015


IAM_slide_empty Discovering who I AM because of who Jesus is.  Dive deep into this series on our identity in Christ as we explore the 7 ‘I AM’ statements of Jesus in the gospel of John.





7 weeks: February 22 – April 5 (Easter)


4D_church_slide  Our annual vision series outlines the goals and direction that God has given Shiloh Church over the next 365 days.  This series based on Ephesians 3:14-19 outlines how we will move WIDER, LONGER, HIGHER and DEEPER in 2015




5 weeks: January 18 – February 15, 2015



Begin your new year off right by wrestling through the two most important questions you’ll ever ask:  Who Am I?  and Whose am I?





2 Weeks: January 4 & 11, 2015


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