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2016 Messages:

the-story-mainThe Story

Christmas…It’s the greatest story ever told. Christmas is a time for gift giving and love. One of the greatest gifts we can give is to share God’s story with others. Have you ever thought about how your story intersects with God’s story? This Christmas, we invite you to open the gift of God’s story , to find yourself in it and to share it with others. Come join us to see how God’s Story, Shiloh’s Story and My Story Come together as one. “The Story”

5 weeks – November 27-December 25



Thanksgiving and Contentment

It’s natural for most of us to think about thankfulness each year in November, but how can we embrace the kind of contentment that inspires us to be thankful every day?



1 week: November 20, 2016



Keep the Change

This year’s stewardship series will be focused on a Biblical definition of giving, generosity and stewardship.  Click here to fill out your 2017 commitment card.


4 weeks:  October 23 – November 13, 2016

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Happily Ever After

Life’s not a fairytale.  This series is designed for those who want to explore and engage in real talk about healthy relationships and what the Bible has to say.



5 weeks: September 18 – October 16, 2016


God Is…

When nothing else makes sense and you are struggling to figure out what is going on, there are 3 ABSOLUTE TRUTHS that you can always count on:  GOD IS HOLY, GOD IS JUST, GOD IS LOVE.  And these truths change the way we see and experience the world.


3 weeks:  August 28 – September 11, 2016


“One Anothers”

All through the Bible we are give clear instruction for how God calls us to treat “One Another”.  This Summer we are going to explore these passages and apply them to our lives today.


12 Weeks: June 5 – August 21, 2016



Starting Blocks

Join us for this practical message series based on our membership class and designed to give you the basic “starting blocks” of who Shiloh Church is, what we believe and why we do what we do.  Click this link if you’d like to explore Membership or Baptism at Shiloh.


3 Weeks: May 15 – May 29, 2016



We’ve all done dumb things and asked “WHY”?  During this series we are going to explore wisdom from the most practical book in the whole bible written by the wisest person who ever lived.


6 Weeks: April 03 – May 08 (Mother’s Day)



In Pieces

During the season of Lent we recognize our own brokenness and need for forgiveness a we ask God to do another resurrection miracle by putting the pieces back together and restoring us to new life.  The 7 week series is a journey through Lent leading up to Easter.


7 Weeks: February 14 – March 27 (Easter)



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Let Me Tell You A Story

Tune in for our annual Vision Series where we lay out the direction, goals and areas of focus for Shiloh church in 2016.  This 5 part series is designed for those who call Shiloh church their church home or for those who are looking for a church that is moving forward.


5 Weeks: January 10 – February 07, 2016




Wesley Covenant Service

This historic service has been a part of the Methodist movement since 1755.  Join us in a recommitment to our faith as we step into 2016.



1 Week:  January 03, 2016



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