Sermon Archive

2017 Messages:

To Die For

Jesus came and died for some critically important Kingdom principles like: Forgiveness, Grace, Salvation, and Justice.  Jesus thought these were important enough To Die For but Jesus has asked us to do something even harder than die for them, Jesus asked us to live for them.  Join us during the season of Lent as we explore these and many other Kingdom principles and how we are called to live for them.


6 weeks: March 1-April 13, 2017




How does prayer work? Does life have a purpose? When will I get there? Who can help me? What does all this mean?

We all have questions and there is only one who has all the answers.  Join us for a three week series as we ASK, SEEK and KNOCK our way to the one with all the answers.

3 weeks: February 12-February 26, 2017



The Language of Love

Every relationship has the same challenge.  Spend this series with us strengthening your relationship as we explore what the Bible has to say about COMMUNICATION.


5 Weeks: January 08-February 05, 2017



Wesley Covenant Service

This historic service has been a part of the Methodist movement since 1755.  Join us in a recommitment to our faith as we step into 2017.



1 Week:  January 01, 2017