Shiloh Preschool – Registration

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Are you looking for a school for your young ones? We’d love for you to take a look at Shiloh Preschool.

We offer a great teacher-to-student ratio and emphasize learning through play. We follow an academic curriculum, but we also know that a child’s social and emotional development is key to making them ready for kindergarten. We’ve worked very hard to find teachers who are very positive and committed to our vision of Christian education – they start every day praying for our students.

Registration opens Tuesday. Come take a tour of our facility. We’ll show you the “muscle room,” the playground and our learning centers and introduce you to our teachers.

Feel free to contact the Preschool Office to schedule a tour or to answer any questions:

Phone: (513) 451-6443


Register now before classes fill up!


Author: Brent Dearnell