Shiloh @ Price Hill

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What does it mean to be a missional church?

Shiloh @ Price Hill is a mission-focused church where we are making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Missional churches focus outward first. They’re focused not on how many people sit in the pews each week, but on how many of them are learning to be good stewards for God and the world.

As Campus Pastor Daniel Hughes puts it: A church should see itself as a group of people on a mission, a mission to reimagine their purpose, to reorganize resources for a more meaningful experience. He hopes to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus enough to be unafraid of stepping out with the same kind of faith that the apostles and our forefathers did.

We are serving as an epicenter for empowering people to become disciples who change the world around them. Our goals are to faithfully:

  • Live IN relationship with other Christ followers
  • Reach OUT and change the culture by investing ourselves in community
  • Reach UP with a lifestyle of worship to bring a little heaven to earth.

That’s the kind of mission you’ll find at Shiloh @ Price Hill – we’ll be doing prayer walks, engaging people in the community and developing relevant, real ministry in the neighborhood.