The Meaning of Relationships

One Step Closer Every Day

Spend a few minutes every day, reading, meditating and praying with God so that you can take one step closer to Jesus every day.

Sunday – Romans 12:1-21 – What does it look like to you to “offer your body as a living sacrifice?” In what ways can we do a better job of demonstrating love through service?

Monday – Exodus 17:8-16 – Moses had people who were willing to serve by simply holding up his arms for him. What are some of the simple ways you can serve?

Tuesday – Psalm 100:1-5 – What is the difference between serving the Lord with gladness and serving the Lord out of obligation?

Start of Lent – You Can Download the Lent Devotional

Ash Wednesday – Psalm 51:1-19 – Spend some time today confessing your sins to God. Hide nothing. Be honest. Then receive the cleansing forgiveness of God for yourself. Write a note to yourself.

Thursday – James 5:1-20 – Every miracle begins with prayer. Make a commitment this Lent to a deeper or more faithful prayer life and see how God blesses you. Write a note to someone for whom you are praying.

Friday – Exodus 12:1-28 – The Passover sacrifice was a foreshadowing of Jesus and a reminder to us that salvation requires sacrifice. Write a note to someone who has sacrificed for you.

Saturday – Joel 2:12-32 – Lent is a time of reflection, repentance and restoration. Allow God to search your heart and reveal to you the things that God wants to show you. Write a note to God expressing what God has shown you about yourself.

Join us on Sundays at our Delhi Campus at 9:30am for our Traditional Service or at 11am for our Modern service or try our Price Hill Campus at 11am as we start our Lent Series: LOST.

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