Youth Mission Trip 2018


The Shiloh students devoted their last weekend in June to live life on mission and serve in the communities of Cincinnati! Every day they opened in worship, served faithfully, connected with the community, grew deeper in faith, and learned what living life on mission truly looks like. Follow along with their week below and learn how you too can live a missional life.


To start the week, the students began their serving at State Avenue UMC. The students led a bible school for the children of Price Hill in three different ways: worship and bible story, crafts, and games. 

In the evening, speaker Kristi Tatro described how God shaped her life, even when she had other plans. Kristi shared her experiences on international and domestic mission trips and the importance of living a missional life.


The Shiloh Youth continued their mission week in Sayler Park. The students helped landscape a sister church, Eden Chapel, as well as the Sayler Park CRC and Sayler Park School.

In the evening, speaker Adam Simmons shared his experience of growing up in a Christian home, finding redemption from sin, and living in accountable relationships with other Christians and God.

Join us for evening worship with Shiloh’s youth mission trip!

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The students served at Delhi Middle School (some of them their alma mater) doing landscaping, mulching, and yard cleanup to help prepare for the school year. After serving, all of the Shiloh students met at Overhill Swim Club for a night of fellowship.  In the evening, speaker Carlos Sanchez shared his life story about struggles with depression, giving his life over to God, and how to live genuinely and faithfully.

Wednesday Morning Worship – Inviting the Holy Spirit to come in and bless the day!


Most of the students returned to State Avenue to continue serving at VBS, and the rest of the students worked on restoring a Price Hill home with Habitat for Humanity. The Shiloh youth continued to make connections in Price Hill and praying over the families in the community.

In the evening, speaker Emma Jenkins described her journey as a Christian, as well as her struggles and strength to share her faith through social media.

Join the youth for evening worship along with guest speaker Emma Jenkins!

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Half of the students served at Delhi Park doing honeysuckle removal and nature restoration, while the other half of students served with Price Hill Will by mulching a playground. Although this was difficult work during the hottest day of the week, the students pushed through to complete their projects! In the evening, Tym house shared testimony about continuing to live life in missions. Thank you to the House family, adult leaders, guest speakers, Ignite Worship Collective, and to everyone else who made this week so successful. You are truly the hands and feet of God!

Join the closing youth mission trip worship with Ignite Worship Collective!

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Allison B.
VBS was my favorite out of all of the places. It was just great to see the kids all smiling from dancing, playing, and doing crafts. I’m trying to serve at State Avenue on Thursdays on their family night. I believe that it will be great and that I can reach more people and serve the lovely people there.

I’ve heard many people talking about their first real worship, but I didn’t understand it. As soon as the second night passed, I knew exactly what that meant. I really understood the words in all of the songs, and I was just touched by God. It was the most intense moment of worship, and I’m forever grateful for it.

I always looked forward to being able to go back to Shiloh and to be able to hang out with my friends, and later being able to worship with them. I became a lot closer to people by talking about our faith.

Having Emma Jenkins was another phenomenal part-- just seeing who she is and how she spreads the love of God with everyone she comes across. She taught me some really important things, one of them being that you shouldn’t worry about things that you can’t control and that you have to put every ounce of trust in Him and just believe he will take care of you because he will.

I will never forget this mission trip and all that came with it. I’ve learned so much, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I thank God so much that he gave me this opportunity.
Megan M.
My favorite work site was Sayler Park and Delhi Middle School because I feel that God helped us transform the whole place. Even though we got caught in the rain at Sayler Park, we got a lot done together and got to work with a lot of different people, and I really loved serving at Delhi Middle School because we all have gone there for school ourselves. It was just really awesome to see how much just a group of us could accomplish in a day. By doing this hard work, we got to help both the Delhi and Sayler Park communities prepare for the new school year by enhancing God’s beauty. Although it was hard, we knew that we could do it because we all have Christ in us!
I saw God during the mission trip through all of my friends being so happy and just getting to see them each grow in their faith and love for the Lord--especially seeing those on their first mission trip. They all had a servants heart and the kids at State Avenue had such a wonderful time learning about Jesus. It was such a reminder of God’s amazing work. It was truly God working through all of us to pour His love into those kids and into each community we went to.
We can each continue in mission by simply putting ourselves second. Doing mission work does not mean that you have to leave your community, or even going on a mission trip. By just being the hands and feet of God, sharing the Word and just by putting yourself second allows you to live your life on mission!
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