Steps to Registering

Please follow these steps to complete your child's registration.

PLEASE NOTE that registration is finalized at your registration appointment. Please be sure to complete all steps, including scheduling your appointment, in STEP 3 BELOW.

STEP 1: Before registering...

Please be sure that you've read the resources on our "All About Shiloh Preschool" page and the information on our "Preschool Registration" page below before registering your child so that you can be sure our policies, schedule, and rates are the best fit for your family. You will need to agree to the policies in our Parent Handbook (see "All About Shiloh Preschool") when registering.

STEP 2: Now that you're ready to register...

We must receive all registration materials in order to complete your enrollment and secure your child's spot. Please follow these directions as you prepare your materials:

  • Registration Packet (click button below)
  • ALL boxes must be completed.
  • If a parent is deceased or does not have parental rights, please write "N/A" in those spaces. We will need legal papers verifying the latter.
  • Google Registration Form (click button below)
  • This is not an alternative to the Registration Packet; please complete both.
  • "Pick Up" pages printed
  • child's name on each page
  • parent initials on each page
  • parent signature on last page
  • "Permissions" pages printed
  • child's name on each page
  • parent initials on each page
  • parent signature on last page

  • Registration fee per family (fees are based on date of enrollment with all materials complete)
  • February: $40
  • March: $60
  • April - May 13: $75
  • After May 13: $100

STEP 3: Registration Appointments...

Registration is completed at your registration appointment.

  • Check the Registration Packet checklist to be sure you have
  • completed the Google Form (we cannot register you without this online form).
  • completed the paper Registration Packet thorough
  • Registration Fee (cash or check)
  • Registration Packet (click button above), including
  • Checklist
  • Child Enrollment & Health Information (3 pages)
  • Child Medical Statement (1 page)
  • Immunization printout from doctor
  • Family Information Form (3 pages)
  • Printed pages from online Google Form (click button above)
  • printed, signed "Pick Up" pages
  • printed, signed "Permissions" pages
  • Registration Fee (We only accept cash or check for registration fees), based on date of completed registration date

STEP 4: After enrolling...


  • August 1
  • September tuition is due.
  • August 30, 2021
  • Back to School Night: mandatory parent meeting at 6:00 P.M.
  • September 1
  • A $60 one-time snack fee per child is due.
  • October tuition is due.


  • ´╗┐Referrals
  • SAVE $25 (or more) on tuition! After you have enrolled your child, receive a $25 tuition credit for EACH family you refer who enrolls!
  • Referrals also benefit you because the faster classes fill, the earlier we can let you know your child's class assignment!


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