Capital Campaign

Info regarding Shiloh's Capital Campaign for the renovation of the Sanctuary.

This page is to keep everyone informed of our Capital Campaign. If you have further questions, please contact the church office - 513-451-3600 or

Shiloh UMC has been a foundation in our community for more than 200 years. Here's a look at some of our members talking about "Why Shiloh."

“What I’m really attempting to demonstrate here is that our predecessors in this venerable old congregation gave their time and their resources to provide for us. They had faith in us and in the future of Shiloh back then.”

--Judge Rupert Doan, long-time Shiloh member, in an address to the congregation in 1991


Dear Shiloh Church Family,

Over the past 200 years, Shiloh UMC has been an integral part of Delhi Township. From the time Delhi was filled with farmland and fields, Shiloh has been the spiritual home for thousands of families. Shiloh remains a community of faith that loves one another and believes we exist for the sake of others. The parishioners at Shiloh are very dedicated, generous, and prudent stewards. Our current sanctuary was built in 1958 and has been our home for worship. We have begun a sanctuary renovation that has been carefully planned with the McKnight Group and we hope it will be completed by Easter. 

The Renovation Includes:

●     The replacement of the sanctuary carpet.

●     Stabilize the stained glass.

●     Paint, and stain as needed.

●     Update lighting within the sanctuary.

●     An addition of a family restroom.

●     The pews are in disrepair and since they were installed in 1958 with upholstery added in 2002, they need to be replaced.

Accomplishing our sanctuary renovation will be a major stepping-stone in Shiloh’s future. Our ability to fulfill our mission depends upon having updated facilities, financial stability, and growth. Each of you will have an opportunity to make a difference in helping get this job done. We have several areas where you can help.  

Please consider helping to make the sanctuary renovation a complete success.

Here are some ways you can help:

Information Meetings

The Information Meetings Team will enlist and organize numerous locations in which a video presentation will be shown. The video will present the details regarding the church project and encourage people to consider prayerfully how to respond. All materials will be supplied. Those volunteering may pick a date between March 18-26.  An invitation will be sent to each household of the congregation along with a list of locations of the Information Meetings. A Contact-Care Caller will call to secure reservations. Pledges will not be discussed or received.

Leaders: Jennifer Brown and Holly Lammers

Contact-Care Callers

The Contact-Care Team will call every home to receive reservations for the Information Meetings. Pledges will not be discussed or received. Each caller will be assigned 10-12 calls. The calls will be made from March 11-16. The future members of this congregation will appreciate the fact that we gave our time and resources because we care about the future of Shiloh.  

Leaders: Mark Noble and Valerie Bender

We plan to provide updates as well as more details in the upcoming weeks in future newsletters.


Campaign Cabinet Members

Chairs: Tim Schoonover, Paula Hunterman

Children’s Involvement: Sue Squeri, Sarah Pease

Commitment Events: Linda Roddy, Janet Klem

Commitment Response: Luanne Thorman

Communications: Jill Eichhorn, Pam Webb, Brian Hunterman

Contact Care: Mark Noble, Valerie Bender

Enlistment: Katie Plumlee, Maria Coogan

C.R.E.A.T.E.: Amy Cochran, Victoria Bloechl

Prayer: Bev Hansen, Kathy Shea

Major Gifts: Dave Eyrich

Leadership Gifts: Dave Thomas

Information: Jennifer Brown, Holly Lammers

Youth Involvement: Nathan Cheney, Rebekah Grutzik

Pastor John Whitaker





Dear Christian Friends,

In this newsletter, we have outlined a plan. It is a plan that will meet the needs of our church and its growing ministries...a plan that will require the participation of every member...a plan that depends upon each of us seeking and responding to God’s will in our lives as it relates to our participation. Our plan: Capital Campaign. It is a ministry that affords all of us the opportunity to serve the Lord and to respond to God’s many blessings.

We would like to introduce the theme of Not Equal Gifts but Equal Sacrifice to all church members as we pray about our participation in the ministry of Shiloh. Simply applied, God seldom asks any two of us to give the same amount financially, but God asks all of us to demonstrate a uniform level of commitment. The dollars given may vary, but the sacrifice driving each of us should not.

The Capital Campaign is too large for any one of us, however, no campaign is too big for God. Our challenge is that each of us, through prayer, will understand Gods will for our lives. Once we have this understanding, our challenge will be to do God’s will with faith and a dedication that is pleasing in God’s sight.

We are honored by the way God has blessed Shiloh. We have great anticipation for what God plans to do through our prayerful participation in this Capital Campaign, and for God’s even greater works in the years to come. Will you join us as we pray to be faithful to God’s call upon us today to grow resources for ministry and serve faithfully?


Tim and Paula

Tim Schoonover and Paula Hunterman Campaign General Chairs

Sanctuary Project Update

The sanctuary remodel is well underway!

The ceiling has been painted and woodwork repaired. Lighting is nearly complete. Flooring is being prepared. The Family Restroom has plumbing, walls, and a new floor. There have been some delays with the pews and stained- glass windows. We will not worship in the Sanctuary, therefore, until after Easter.

Highlights of the sanctuary remodel include making it more welcoming and accessible to everyone and preserving the legacy and beauty of Shiloh’s stained-glass windows.

•      New pews will be more comfortable with spaces for wheelchairs.

•      New carpet will grace the aisles and laminate flooring on the chancel and under pews will help with acoustics.

•      New LED lighting will be brighter with dimmable and programmable features.

•      New exit lights are installed.

•      The rusted choir door will be replaced.

•      A new family parlor restroom will offer an accessible bathroom option.

•      The stained-glass windows will be protected

by double-paned impact-approved vented storm windows.

•      Storm windows reduce heat and cold offering greater comfort.

•      The stained-glass will be contained in a new inner frame.

With the sanctuary remodel, Shiloh has an exciting opportunity to be able to provide more ministry. Our ability to fulfill our mission depends on having updated and accessible facilities, financial stability, and growth. Our mission is to glorify God and make disciples of Jesus Christ. You can help make this happen!

There are many ways you can help. You should have received an invitation concerning Information Meetings that are planned to occur at multiple locations between March 18-26. By signing up for one of these informal sessions you will learn more about the sanctuary renovation. You will engage with Shiloh friends learning about existing ministries which will inspire conversation regarding God’s preferable future. You can help by praying the prayer:

Lord, what do You want to do through me to fulfill your will at Shiloh United Methodist Church?

Commitment Sunday May 5

You will receive materials before Commitment Sunday with information about making a financial pledge. On Commitment Sunday as a part of our worship, we will present our prayerful pledges together.

Celebration Sunday

On May 19, we will reveal the total amount that the congregation has pledged to support the capital campaign. After worship, there is a plan to have a celebratory reception. The committee hopes you will plan to be a part of the celebration.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the campaign goal?

Our campaign goal is $385,000.

How do I give?

Each person will be asked to make prayerfully a financial commitment for the next three years. You may give on the timetable you indicate. You may give weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or a onetime gift. You can grant shares of stock or appreciated assets.

Why is the capital campaign necessary for the church?

The Sanctuary Renovation is about enabling worship at Shiloh for generations to come. Weddings and funerals will continue to be available to the community. The Sanctuary will become more accessible with the addition of new pews with wheelchair spaces and a Family Restroom in the nearby Parlor. The capital campaign is necessary because it will complete payment for the renovation.

Why not raise the money first before beginning the remodeling project?

The Sanctuary Renovation Committee met more than two years to go over needed repairs and updates. To wait until we raised all the money increases the project cost placing it years down the road. Remember, this is a three-year campaign. Every year interest rates and construction costs increase. Furthermore, more than 40% of the money was available through existing church capital funds. Therefore, we didn’t need to raise 100% of the project need. There is no perfect way to do this. The Charge Conference, Leadership Council, Finance Committee, and Board of Trustees supported the project in the form it has been presented.

What impact will the capital campaign have on our community outreach programs?

The capital campaign is about giving beyond our regular budget. Community outreach programs are tied to our annual budget. With that said, out of worship comes action and growth. When our worship space is in order, community outreach ministries have opportunity to be strengthened.

What happens if we raise more than our goal?

If we raise more than our goal, other capital projects related to worship could be addressed. For example, the original two sanctuary bathrooms need updating. In the future, audiovisual and sound needs will occur. There is always something to fix at Shiloh.

Does it help if my three-year pledge is given mostly in the first year?

Yes, it will help reduce interest costs. We have secured a line of credit to make timely payments to the renovation. The quicker we reduce the loan, the better it is for all concerned.

Why not replace the carpet and live with everything else as it is?

We risk losing our stained-glass windows (there are nine cracked panes with a lot of deterioration). Lights do not work and dimmable features have been lost. Upholstery on the cracked pews is stained and worn out. It would not be good stewardship to replace only the carpet.