United Women in Faith

The Shiloh United Women in Faith are a supportive group of women who are seeking to serve God.

What Is The United Women in Faith?

United Women in Faith is the public-facing name of United Methodist Women in the United States, the women’s organization of The United Methodist Church. Our organizational Purpose and local church group Purpose were both adopted in 1972 shortly after the church union that formed the then new denomination and are detailed in The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, 2016, in ¶1902 and in ¶256, respectively.


¶1902—United Methodist Women shall be actively engaged in fulfilling the mission of Christ and the Church and United Methodist Women’s national organization shall interpret the Purpose of United Methodist Women for the whole organization. With continuing awareness of the concerns and responsibilities of the Church in today’s world, United Methodist Women shall support ministry with and advocate for the oppressed and dispossessed with special attention to the needs of women, children, and youth; shall work to build a supportive community among women; and shall engage in activities that foster growth in the Christian faith, mission education, and Christian social involvement throughout the organization.

There are dozens of reasons to get involved but here are just a few:

  • Get to know God and other women better
  • experience freedom as a whole person through Jesus Christ
  • participate in a creative, supportive fellowship
  • support local & worldwide mission.

some of the ways we serve include:

  • rummage sales and craft boutiques to raise funds for missions near and far
  • serving at Shiloh ministry opportunities.
  • supporting local United Methodist related agencies such as:
  • Wesley Education Center for Children and Families
  • Twin Towers Retirement Home
  • Emmanuel Center
  • State Avenue UMC