Preschool Rates & Classes

Tuition is based on an annual amount, payable all at once with a discount or in nine equal payments.

Registration, Snack, and Supplies

  • Registration fee per family (fees are based on date of enrollment with all materials complete)
  • Returning Students: $50
  • New Students: $75
  • Activity fee: $25

  • Snack
  • Every family is required to bring a fruit and a grain for the class once or twice a month. See your child's teacher for sign up

  • School Supplies
  • A list will be given out at meet the teacher

2024-2025 Tuition Rates

MWF AM 8:15-11:15AM $1,923 or $225/month

MWF PM 12-3PM $1,923or $225/month

T/TH AM 9-12AM $1667 or $195/month

MWF toddler class (2.5 year old) 9-11:30 $1,752or $205/month

T/TH toddler class (2.5 year old) 9-11:30 $1,581 or $185/month